I’d Like To Double Her Entendre

Innuendo? In her endo!

So many dick jokes… So many…

Seriously? How did they get away with this in Saturday Morning Cartoons?

For those of you who haven’t seen it, Batman: The Brave and the Bold is the greatest Batman cartoon. Period. No seriously, don’t bring up that whole “Batman: The Animated Series” thing unless you want a taste of my nerd rage. Brave and the Bold is bad ass. All the DC in-references alone make this unbelievably entertaining.


Batman Can Make Anything Look Dark And Brooding

It’s a fact.

Actually, can we talk a minute about Batman? And how he just needs to get over the whole ‘I witnessed my parents death’ thing? At this stage it feels like it’s and excuse to get out of things.

I can see it at the JLA Tower now; Wonder Woman asking him,”Could you clean the coffee cups in the break room, Bruce?”

“Can’t. Parents are dead. Need to brood some more.”

“Come on, seriously, Superman’s has some weird brown mold in it.”

“My parents are Deeeeaaad!”

“Fine! I’ll do them…”

Batman should stop being so much of a Bat-bitch.

Supergirl was a witness to her entire planets demise. She just shrugs it off and gets on with life.

Even Spider-man can seem to get on with his life, and let’s face it, he’s at least partially responsible for the death of Uncle Ben. That kids gotta live with that guilt the rest of his life.

Speaking of Spider-man, I still wonder how different his life would have turned out if his Uncle was a bit of a sleaze.

Instead of advice like “With great power comes great responsibility”, he’d be all “Two in the pink, one in the stink!”

Where Were Her Dragons At?

I’m still amazed at how we’re shown so often how smart and cunning this Daneares… Danyeriez… Targayrein… The Dragon Girl can be, yet not smart or cunning enough to realize that she SHOULDN’T LEAVE HER PRICELESS DRAGONS ALONE WHERE ANYONE CAN GRAB!

If I had lost my Dragon’s ’cause I left them out for anyone to come grab, my mother would have told me that was tough luck, and I would have learned my harsh lesson.