She Could Use A Chiropractor

She Could Use A Chiropractor

I’d like to point out I haven’t cropped this in anyway. The face wasn’t important for this panel, apparently. We instead are focused on another vital part of Power Girls anatomy.

I of course mean her lower back. I imagine the active lifestyle of a superheroine plays havoc on her spine. She could use a chiropractor. Or maybe some Wonder Woman spankings would set her spine straight.

Speaking of chiropractors, let’s talk about a guy named Simon Singh.

Simon is a journalist and lecturer specializing in science and mathematics, holds a PHD in Particle Physics, and is one of the smartest men I ever had the pleasure of meeting, after I attended one of his many brilliant lectures.

He’s also the man who called bullshit on chiropractors conning people the country over, then got sued by the entire profession. And won.

Back in 2008 he wrote an article for the Guardian questioning claims of chiropractors’ that their treatment could assist children with ear infections, bed wetting, colic, asthma, and a whole malady of illnesses.

He gave the opinion that they ‘happily promotes bogus treatments’ with ‘not a jot of evidence’.

The chiropractic community responded with typical grace and dignity expected from a trusted medical profession when a scientist gives an opinion in a newspaper – they sued him for libel.

At the risk of his professional career and complete financial ruin if her lost, he decided to fight the case.

The chiropractors argued that he had stated his opinion as a fact, accusing them of knowingly pushing ineffective and potentially harmful treatments based on no evidence.

The Judges didn’t agree. They found that Singh had the evidence to back him up. If the chiropractors wanted to continue the case, they’s have to argue against scientific fact they were bull-shitting people.

They quickly dropped the case after that.

But the fallout didn’t just end there. Singh’s case resulted in a slew of chiropractors being put under investigation for allegedly making misleading claims in advertisements. At one point, one-in-four practitioners in Britain were placed under investigation.

You have to admire a man who doesn’t back down when he knows a great injustice is happening,  and where he could just roll over and just let them get away with it risks it all fighting them.

I would seriously recommend you picking up any one of his books. Personally, I’d recommend his book on the Big Bang Theory, the aptly titled Big Bang. I absolutely loved that book. And just remember: it was written by a scientific bad-ass.


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