Originally this picture from the latest trailer of Star Trek Into Darkness was going to be spring board for a diatribe about the annoying habit blockbusters have these days of putting scantily clad women in their trailers to ‘spice them up’. Sorry guys, but if I want scantily clad ladies I have a whole internet full to the brim of them.

But then I noticed above and to the left of her head the lights with nothing but 3′s.

Could this be an in reference to The Next Generation? Is this a sign that the plot of the movie involves time loops? Will Commander Data have to swoop in to sort this mess out? Will Kelsey Grammer be making a strangely low key cameo?

Of course not. Because that’s bat shit insane. And this whole post was a hypocritical attempt to fill this blog with scantily clad ladies. Everything you know is a lie.


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