This Never Happened

This Never Happened

Every time I’m in town and I pass one of those dull multi-story office buildings nondescript receptions and foyers, I secretly wonder if it’s some sort of outpost for the Ministry of Magic or the Men In Black. More than likely it’s a financial office of a subsection of insurance conglomerate, filled with bored middle aged, middle management types like this guy. A man can dream though.

How far do you think a guy could get into one of those buildings with nothing more than the suit on his back and a clipboard? Just pretending you were some kind of inspector. I bet you could make the manager sit outside of his office for hours doing that. You could just sit there all day, and have some hooker dressed as Batgirl fiddle with you under the desk.

That’s what I like to imagine is happening here. Some guy sitting in the head office of the Ministry of Magic building with a hooker dressed as Batgirl.


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