Unknown Hell Dimension

Unknown Hell Dimension

It appears She Hulk and Bruce Wayne have been sucked into some kind of nightmare hell dimension, where dance steps rule an infinite void, and you can’t even try and sneak in any nookie without little yellow Yodas and creepy children watching you through circles and pink cubes. At least She Hulk is looking voluptuous in that black dress. Not sure about the pink bows though.

Am I right in saying Xander form Buffy The Vampire Slayer coined the phrase “Unknown Hell Dimension”? Pretty sure he said it in that episode “Once More With Feeling,” the one where they all sing and dance. That was an awesome episode from an awesome show.

It’s an entertaining plot device I’m surprised hasn’t popped up more in comics; being made to sing and dance. Probably comes from being a visual medium. So yeah, that comment was pretty stupid. You’d have to have some kind of chip that when you opened up the comic played the little tunes. Like in those ridiculously overpriced birthday cards…

… Why the hell have they never done THAT?


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