Any Excuse, Huh Terra?

Any Excuse, Huh Terra?

I have no idea what that thing on Power Girl‘s boob window is. I don’t think Terra does either. Nor does she seem to care. All I get from this is that she’s psyching herself up to get a touch of the Power Boobs. That perv girl. Oh jeez, that would be an awesome porn parody name for Power Girl. Perv Girl. I call dibs on that copyright.

When I first saw this image I thought Power Girl had ‘X’s for eyes: you know, like the ones from the old cartoons to show a character is dead? I had to look up why they used to do that, and I found out it was meant to look like a stitch. At the time, the undertaker would stitch the eyelids closed to stop them from popping open at an open casket funeral. There’s your Creepy Fact Of The Day!™


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